Books of 2nd Year

4CS1-Microprocessor and its Interfaces

4CS2-Discrette Mathematical Structure

4CS3-Statistics Probability and Theory

4CS4-Software Engineering

4CS5-Principle of Communication

4CS6-Principle of Programming Language

Books of 3rd Year

6CS1-Computer Networks

6CS2-Design And Analysis Of Algorithms

6CS3-Theory Of Computation

6CS4-Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques

1. J. Foley, A. Van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes: Computer Graphics- Principles and Practice, Pearson

2. Hearn and Baker: Computer Graphics, PHI

3. Multimedia Systems Design, Prabhat Andleigh and Thakkar, PH

6CS5-Embedded System Design

1. John Davies, MSP430 Microcontroller Basics, Elsevier, 2008.

2. Andrew N. Sloss ARM System Developers Guide, ELSEVIER

3. Muhammad Ali Mazidi, The 8051 Microcontroller & Embedded Systems, Pearson

4. Embedded System Design, A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction, Frank Vahid / Tony Givargis, 2006 reprint, John Wiley Student Edition.

6CS6.1-Advance Topics in Operating systems

1. DM Dhamdhere: Operating Systems – A Concepts Based Approach, Tata McGraw Hill

2. Achyut S Godbole: Operating Systems, Tata McGraw Hill

3. Tanenbaum: Modern Operating System, Prentice Hall

4. A. Silberschatz and Peter B Galvin: Operating System Principals, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

5. Charles Crowly: Operating System A Design – Oriented Approach, Tata McGraw Hill.

6. Bach, Design of Unix Operating Systems.

6CS6.2-Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial Intelligence: Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight, Mc-Graw Hill.

2. Introduction to AI & Expert System: Dan W. Patterson, PHI.

3. Artificial Intelligence by Luger (Pearson Education)

4. Russel & Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice-Hall

6CS6.3-Human Computer Interface

1. Human Computer Interaction; Alan Dix, 3rd ed., Pearson